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Vegetable Oils

As the host organization of the IUCN Oil Crops Task Force, Borneo Futures leads the path towards a more nuanced understanding of how to sustainably satisfy future vegetable oil demand while protecting biodiversity, the environment and human rights.


The Future of Oil Crops


Our scientists have co-produced a major new study with the IUCN Oil Crops Task Force and Sustainable Nutrition Board ( on the future of vegetable oils, ‘Exploring the Future of Vegetable Oils – Oil Crop Implications: Fats, Forests, Forecasts and Futures’. Understanding the highly interdisciplinary and nuanced nature of vegetable oil production is essential to developing sustainable systems that meet the nutrition demands of current and future generations.


Global Palm Oil Mapping

GE oil palm.png

We provide the most up-to-date oil palm maps and age predictions to a range of actors to support replanting and estimating carbon storage.

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