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Scientific articles published in scientific peer-reviewed journals

Please email for any pdfs of the papers below not accessible through the links

  • Meijaard, E., Virah-Sawmy, M., Newing, H.S., Ingram, V., Holle, M.J.M., Pasmans, T., Omar, S., van den Hombergh, H., Unus, N., Fosch, A., Ferraz de Arruda, H., Allen, J., Tsagarakis, K., Chidozie Ogwu, M., Diaz Ismael, A., Hance, J., Moreno, Y., O'Keeffe, S., Slavin, J.L., Slingerland, M., Meijaard, E.M., Macfarlane, N.B.W., Jimenez, R., Abiguna, A., Wich, S., Sheil, D., 2024. Exploring the future of vegetable oils. Oil crop implications - Fats, forests, forecasts, and futures. IUCN and SNSB, Gland, Switzerland.

  • Meijaard, E., Erman, A., Ancrenaz, M., Goossens, B., 2024. Pig virus imperils food security in Borneo Science. 19 Jan 2024.

  • Meijaard E, Azhar B, Persio M, Sheil D. 2024. Oil palm plantations in the context of biodiversity conservation. Encyclopedia of Biodiversity, 3rd edition 4: 752-773.

  • Ariffin, T., Khalid, S., Dennis, R., Said, S., Unus, N., Husaini, N., Carson, R.A., Meijaard, E., 2024. Baseline Study of Sun Bear in Brunei Darussalam, p. 41. Borneo Futures, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam.

  • Calebe et al. 2024. CamTrapAsia: 210 full wildlife capture lists from camera trapping studies. Ecology.

  • Seaman, D.J.I., Voigt, M., Ancrenaz, M., Bocedi, G., Meijaard, E., Oram, F., Palmer, S.C.F., Santika, T., Sherman, J., Travis, J.M.J., Wich, S., Humle, T., Supriatna, J., Struebig, M.J., 2024. Capacity for recovery in Bornean orangutan populations if both forest fragmentation and offtake are limited. Diversity & Distributions.

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