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Other Wildlife Conservation

With the varied and extensive professional background of the Borneo Futures team, we support both research and conservation projects on a wide range of species, placing an emphasis on those that occur in tropical environments and face survival risks due to climate change or human activity.


African Swine Fever

Bearded Pig in Sungai Wain, East Kalimantan, Indonesia © Graham Usher (1).jpg

Decimating wild pig populations on Borneo, with serious consequences for the food security and cultural practices of rainforest communities, African Swine Fever is a little-spoken-about virus that is tearing across Southeast Asia. Borneo Futures has conducted research into the virus and, through working with an interdisciplinary group of specialists, hopes to raise the profile of this formidable illness to prevent irreversible species loss, ecosystem degradation and impacts on people (e.g., increased crocodile attacks).


Mouse Deer

9. Tragulus versicolor.jpg

The Borneo Futures managing director, Erik Meijaard, has his scientific roots in mousedeer (or chevrotain) research. He now supports continued research into the interesting taxonomy of mousedeer by supervising PhD studies. Borneo Futures also provides financial support to the Silver-backed Chevrotain project in Vietnam. Previously thought to be extinct, this rediscovered species is now the subject of several research and conservation efforts.


Malayan Sun Bear


As a Brunei-based company, we hope to invest in projects close to home. Our work with the Malayan Sun Bear is founded on interview-based surveys with the Bruneian public living both in cities and at the forest fringe. We hope to use our findings to raise support for Sun Bear protection and increase awareness of their presence in Brunei.

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