Dedicated to changing and improving the well being of living things by sharing accurate information and raising awareness of the need to preserve the planet's unique and natural environment for future generations.


This means that landscapes need to be sustainably managed to deliver social and ecological justice through improved understanding of the linkages between ecological systems and human well being. 


  • Dr. Erik Meijaard - Founder

Dr. Meijaard studies forest and wildlife management on Borneo, from the basics of taxonomy, genetics, and ecology, to land use economics, conservation planning, and policy. I put science into practice by working with companies to improve their conservation planning and management, advising governments, and seeking ways to involve rural and urban communities in conservation solutions. 



Areas of expertise

  • Biological (Physical) Anthropology

  • Forestry Management And Environment

  • Terrestrial Ecology

  • Behavioural Ecology

  • Wildlife And Habitat Management

  • Population Ecology

  • Animal Behaviour

  • Environmental Management

  • Conservation And Biodiversity

  • Biogeography And Phylogeography

  • Asian History

  • Animal Systematics And Taxonomy

  • Life Histories

  • Dr. Marc Ancrenaz - President & Co-founder

The scientific director of the French NGO Hutan and co-director of the Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project, a community-based programme active in wildlife research, conservation and community development in Sabah since 1996. He is a scientific adviser for the Sabah Wildlife Department.Before moving to Sabah in 1998, he worked for four years as the Head of the Mammal and Veterinary Departments at the "National Wildlife Research Center" for the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development in Saudi Arabia. He has a M.Sc. from the Veterinary Medicine Institute of Tropical Areas in France, and a veterinary degree from the Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort, France. He has an extensive background in wildlife research, medicine and population management as well as in wildlife management policy formulation with 20 years of working experience in wildlife range countries (Gabon, Congo, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Malaysia). He is a member of the Executive Committee for IUCN/SSC Section of Conservation.

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  • Amir Yussof - Creative


Amir heads the creative side of Borneo Futures, handling website, social media, graphic design and video production as well as any music talent hired by Borneo Futures. A veteran singer - songwriter and  recording Artiste, Amir is also an experienced voice over talent and live performer with three albums and two singles released to date. Amir  voices documentaries and presentations for NGO's, government organizations, corporations and private clients.  More info on his website