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Citizen Science

Borneo Futures holds the strong belief that societal engagement is crucial for the future of global biodiversity conservation and invests heavily in promoting community-led conservation approaches.


Biodiversity Monitoring for Agribusinesses


We are leading and coordinating a five-year pilot study on citizen-science-based biodiversity mapping in agribusiness companies. Our current collaborator is an Indonesian company with over 1200 active citizen scientists who have, thus far, recorded over 125,000 wildlife observations. We have found that the resulting data is of high enough quality to guide conservation management. This approach could save companies significant time and money in comparison to traditional methods where small teams of conservation specialists attempt to record species data for large areas. More importantly, our method invites personal interest in conservation and makes company staff proud to play a role in biodiversity management.


Biodiversity Monitoring Technologies


The Borneo Futures IT team are developing a mobile phone-based application for community-based biodiversity monitoring in remote areas without reliable mobile phone coverage or internet.

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